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About Us

Modus Operandi
We offer a variety of social events which are organized by our member volunteers. Essentially, we are a do-it-yourself' self-help group, relying on members to think of and organize social events. We hope that each member will "do his/her bit" by organizing an event. However, do not be deterred if organizing is not your "cup-of-tea". We won't pressure you too hard. You and your single friends are welcome to join us in any case.
Membership Fees
There are none! However, to cover our administrative costs: telephone, advertising, web-site, office supplies, postage, etc., we charge a levy of $5 for each event attended.
How to Join
Very simple! Click here to complete the application form, and with a click of the mouse send it to our Membership Director. You will receive a free copy of our newsletter. And WELCOME! Your information will be held in the strictest confidence as stated in our Privacy Statement.
Still undecided? Then please call Ian 905­-337-3990 or Anna 416­-712-6446 who will be delighted to give you more information and to answer your queries.
Quarterly Newsletter
Every season we publish a newsletter, the UK QUARTERLY, listing events for the next three months. To receive a free copy, click on NEWSLETTER and send our Membership Director your name and address. The newsletter will contain an application form which you and/or your friends can use to become a member. Subsequent newsletters will be mailed to you on payment of $20 (4 issues - one year). Click here to download the Newsletter/Membership application form to be mailed to us.
Going to Your First Event
If you are apprehensive about attending your first event alone, please tell the host that you are new so that he/she can arrange for someone to greet you and introduce you to others.
How members find out what's going on
  • Click on UKC Events button on the left panel
  • Subscribe to our newsletter, the UK QUARTERLY
  • Pick up a free newsletter at a UK CONNEXION event, or
  • Provide us with an e-mail address to receive regular updates

Hotline: 416­-201-0363
CHANGES to our published events, and any NEW EVENTS which are not on the web-site or in the newsletter, are announced on our 24-hour hotline 416­-201-0363. The hotline also provides information for prospective members.