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Organize an Event

After you've been to a few events, have met other members and some of our officers, we hope you will feel comfortable enough to host an event that will encourage a gathering of members for at least a 2-3 hour time period. Please remember that we are a non-profit organization; the event is not to be for personal commercial gain, rather a way to meet new friends and remain socially active.

How to Organize a UKC Event

1. Discuss the event with our Event Director: Christine Quinn or 416-487-9869, who will check that there is no conflicting event on that date.

2. The event, with your first name and phone number, will be advertised in our newsletter, the UK QUARTERLY; on our web site; and announced to members by e-mail and by our telephone committee a few weeks before the event.

3. When people call to reserve for your event, please ask for their FIRST and LAST names and phone numbers. This will enable you to notify them of any change or cancellation. Also, remind them to phone you if they are unable to attend.

4. You and your helpers, if any, make all the arrangements for the event. If you incur expenses (e.g. purchase of food, paper plates, plastic glasses, napkins, rental of coffee urn, or prizes, etc.) you should include those expenses in the advertised cost of the event.
IMPORTANT: Please make sure that separate bills will be given in restaurants.

5. At the event, make a list of those attending and collect the $5 levy plus your event charge, if any. Or, ask somebody else to do this. You and this person are exempt from the levy. At gatherings of say 30 or more people, it will probably be advisable to have someone at the door making a list of names and collecting as people enter.

6. In the unusual occurrence that there are four or fewer people attending, including you, the collection of the levy is optional. BUT, please tell Treasurer Ron: or 905-845-0953 the first and LAST names of those who attended.

7. When we have two events on one day and one of your attendees intends to go to a subsequent event on the same day, please sign, date, and give him/her a coupon to present to the second host in lieu of the $5 levy. The coupons will be sent to you with the supply of UK QUARTERLIES to distribute at your event.

8. Send the cheque or money order ASAP after the event, payable to the UK CONNEXION for the $5 per person levy with list (first and last names) of those attending to our treasurer:
Ron Koehli
408-1359 White Oaks Blvd
Oakville ON L6H 2R8

You may deduct $2 from the total submitted to cover postage, envelope and cheque.

9. Please ask one of the attendees to write a short review of the event (50-100 words) for publication in our newsletter, website and probably in the British Canadian Newspaper. Send it by e-mail it to Event Reviews Director Vanessa at or 416-465-7532.

10. Photographs of the event for the newsletter and website are very welcome and should also be sent to Vanessa. See paragraph 9 above.